Our customers are our greatest asset.  We are humbled by their reviews.

100% 5-Star business. Brought my car in for a bumper cover replacement after a minor accident. My initial experience with the staff at Premier was great and that level of service carried through the entire process. They made sure the work was completed at a high-level of quality and in a timely manner. Very satisfied with my experience and would recommend Premier

--Michael L.

For nearly 20 years I have used this vendor. I have never had a bad experience. They do what they say and say what they mean. Honest, integrity and super accommodating.

-- Bob S

It is such a breath of fresh air to find and speak with people that still do care. I was 1500 miles from home back on July 13 2015. Me and some more friends were on a Golf Trip in Wisconsin . We picked up a nail in a tire and had a flat . I went to a Costco , they informed me they do not repair tires unless they sell it. Went to a Tires Plus, the manager inside was rather rude ,It was 800 AM , he informed us would be 3 hours before the repair could be done, there was one other car there. We drove to a Walmart in the parking lot , the kid came out and looked at the tire and says this, first we cannot fix a tire that has a hole outside this tread groove, company policy, then he informs us it would be later that day but probably the next before he could get us a tire, 2015 Grand Caravan. Then he informs me he would only be able to sell me 2 tires not 1 tire, he said because the tread is different it would not work and again this is company policy ?. upwards of 400.00 dollars for 2 tires. We go down a road off the interstate and some old very nice classic cars caught my eye that were for sale ,I tell the driver to pull in there, we had our spare on now. I walk inside and was greeted by a very nice lady and her dog, another local just standing in there drinking coffee. I basically said, Ma'am I need some help, I explained my situation she told us where to go eat and she would have one of her technicians fix my tire. I live in Florida, I have owned a family tire store since 1975. We drove off and went to eat , she called me and said it was repaired and ready to go. These people went out of there way to make this work. The job was excellent, professional and the owners and employees were regular nice people. It truly gives me relief that some people still care about other peoples needs and not only theirs. I am not the smartest guy in the world although I have been sizing people up for 40 years and these people are honest and thank goodness they are still around . The people of Waukesha should be proud of this business and are fortunate to have them in their town. If they were located in my town there is absolutely no doubt I would support them ,100 percent. With all that being said, ,Premier Body and Paint , my hat is off to you and THANK YOU!  Your kindness , helpfulness and ethical business you practiced that day was appreciated and made our trip and day smooth. Small businesses are being squeezed although as long as you keep this same motto, you will be around a long long time because you care. Thanks So Much My Friends.

-- Mac D

Premiere did another excellent job on another vehicle of ours (our 2005 Ford F-150). Looks like new! Thanks everyone, love they way you take care of us.

--Robert A